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July 2nd - July 8th, 2012

This week's scenario is highlighted by your keen sense of loyalty & true understanding of others. You understand what makes people tick. Speak your mind & don't back down, you need to make a stand. Friends may not be as forthcoming to your cause as you would like them to be. They may still need your shoulder to lean on. Listen to their excuses or reasons for their behavior, but don't give into their logic for it. You know how to be supportive but you cannot continue to support everyone. Once you make that clear, you'll learn a lesson you'll never forget. People are just people, they are only human & their emotions can sometimes rule their actions. Forgive words of anger, realize that we all need to feel respect for each other.

This week's scenario is highlighted by a strong feelings of deja vu. You may almost feel as if you are reliving a dream or a past experience. Realize that things go around in a circle, sometimes. You subconscious can open new doors of discovery. Take the time to educate yourself on the fundamentals of meditation & you'll find more enjoyment in your spiritual side. Speak your mind, especially to people who tend to pick on the weak or sick. You don't yet have to choose between right and wrong, but that day will come, soon enough. Sleep on it, and listen to your dreams. The enormity of your actions will finally catch up with you. Yes, it really has been you behind all of those little miracles. You can provide a good source of encouragement for those who need a positive outlook.

This week's scenario is highlighted by an interesting twist in your personal life. You'll feel unusually popular & could start to feel more comfortable with who you are. Your natural charm & wit will be extremely sharp. Let an assuring tone of voice and sincere facial expressions take the place of a complex vocabulary. You want people to believe you as well as understand you. The facts will speak for themselves. You may be attracted to a member of the opposite sex. Be careful not to let playful teasing turn into anything more than that. If you are looking for a mate, this may be the perfect time to fall in love. Even if you are in a relationship, this week could spark a re-kindling romance with your mate.

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to get past the immediate & to visualize your true goals. You shouldn't bring your job home with you. You may need the time to reflect on events in your personal life. The joke may have gone too far. Either others can't follow your thinking or they're just not interested in participating. Be direct about your opinions, but be careful of the impression that you leave behind. Your name could be mentioned for the wrong reasons. Realize that life's to short to waste on trivialities & gossip. Put some of your positive energy into helping others find their way. Wake up from the uneasiness of a repeating dream of doom & gloom. You can make a real difference to others, if only you can get past your insecurities.

This week's scenario is highlighted by a positive surge in your social and personal life. Friendships come in many strange flavors. Seek out the company of people who will tolerate you for who and what you are. You'll accumulate personal power in some unexpected places. You may have been feeling a little down in the dumps lately. Events that happen this week, will now re-new your old spirit & confidence, to make you feel on top of the world. Don't go overboard on the celebrating, you need to get your beauty rest. You'll need to put out a lot of energy to keep up with the scheduled activities. Someone close to you may disappoint you or hurt your feelings. Take it into stride, don't over react, just remember forgiveness is for those who really are sorry, not for pretenders. Dig deep & you be able to understand motivations.

This week's scenario is highlighted by exciting news or opportunities from far away. If you have been searching for a new job or career, someone may have put in a good word for you. You may receive a fax or email requesting additional information about yourself, your education & your past experiences. Enjoy the attention, be confident in who you are & where you are going. Be sure to take your time to examine all of your possible options. As they say, "All that glitters is not necessarily gold". Take a closer look behind the scenes & be sure of what you get yourself into. Investigate until you have satisfied all of your doubts. Even if you don't decide to accept the offer, you know you have given the right impression to those who matter. Your professionalism will shine. Carry on the positive influence to your personal life. It'll give you a good reason for celebration.

This week's scenario is highlighted by your need for co-operation from co-workers, peers and family. You may find that you'll gain more respect once you reach over to mend the fence that has been broken. Your sharp tongue can sometimes get you into trouble, tone down your emotions & present the situation a little more objectively. No need to let other walk all over you, but you must acknowledge their perspective. The square peg just can't fit into the round hole. If you are unable to obtain the respect you need, you may need to relocate to a place where people will accept you as you are. An apparently limiting experience serves to broaden your overall vision. Family & domestic matters will be a true source of happiness for you this week.

This week's scenario is highlighted by a new routine that has you completely out of sorts. News and gossip fall quickly on hungry ears. Whether you play the hero or the fool, everyone will know about it. It doesn't matter who started the whole thing. The Golden Rule has never looked more attractive. Don't make any promises that you can't deliver. You'll need to relax yourself with comforting activities. Massages, bubble baths or a good aerobic workout may be just what the doctor ordered. You have to feed your physical needs in order to satisfy your emotional side. There may be a new influence at work in your life. Accept the changes as they happen. The sooner you can determine the lay of the land, the more accurately you'll be able to plot your course.

This week's scenario is highlighted by a sort of sadness of something passing or leaving. Your outburst surprises an associate who has never seen this side of you. Spontaneity drives you careening along a series of existing channels. Now that you know what's possible, do what's necessary. Be it in your professional or personal life, you'll feel a significant loss. Bring with you an optimism in future endeavours. Instead of losing a best friend, you'll really be gaining new allies. A new network of contacts will provide you with all the work & pleasure you need. Utilize your showmanship to dazzle your audience. Domestic changes may put you at a disadvantage, but with a little fine tuning, by week's end, you'll have everything working like a charm. Be sensitive of other's needs & wants when it comes to your time. Realize that as soon as you start to feel better others will follow suit.

This week's scenario is highlighted by changes in rules & regulations. You may notice a tendency to lose patience with anyone who distracts you. Rebels would do well to hide behind the rules. The odds of a risky venture are running against you this week. By giving the forbidden a rest, you ensure that it will be even more exciting next time you decide to venture your luck. Love and camaraderie could be enhanced by time spent apart. Team players get to gauge their own worth as solo artists. Spend the latter part of your week acting entirely out of self-interest. Physical as well as mental hobbies can put you back on the right track.

This week's scenario is highlighted by a change of pace that will help you to deal with deep matters you have on your mind. You may have felt a little like a balloon, lately, getting ready to burst. Don't sweat it! Delegate some of those tasks to others while maintaining the overall control of things. Relax and enjoy the scenery, while you contemplate your next move or direction. Feel confident in your ability to organize & get the job done effectively. You know some secrets to getting the job done with a minimum of effort on your part. Apply your honest approach to your personal life & you'll be able to relax at home, as well. Social gatherings will have a way of putting you back on track with those around you.

This week's scenario is highlighted by memories of days gone by & hopes for new celebrations of joy. You have family gatherings to plan. Reflect on times when life was simpler & family values were followed. Take the time to include everyone close to you to participate. Your effort will mean a lot to someone special in your life. Others tend to learn from your example. If your actions & habits reflect a healthy lifestyle, you'll influence & encourage others to take a closer look at their own situation. You'll be able to accomplish tedious tasks you've been putting off, lately. Sometimes simpler is better, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.
Source: Debra's Homepagers Horoscope